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General Dynamic’s Ordnance & Tactical Systems Business Unit  has a formal Wellness Program and a Senior Executive Level health program where we utilize Dr. Masley and his Optimal Health Center, and have for several years. As a result, we have seen our senior executive’s health dramatically improve including the reduction of leading health risks such as, improved cholesterol readings, increased individual exercise, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, smoking cessation and reduction in prescribed medication. Based on the results of our health partnering relationship with Dr. Masley, we are currently reviewing expanding our participants in his program.

Jack Picker, Former VP, Human Resources and Administration, General Dynamics

WOW! In the last 4 years I have lost 30 pounds, I have the best lipid profile of my life, and all of my aging factors have improved greatly. Much of that is due to your nutrition advice and coaching for my exercise routine. Now, it looks like I will actually live long enough to retire. Thank you Dr. Masley, not only for your coaching but also for your continuous excellent health care.

Bill Sanders, Former Chairman & CEO– Kforce Professional Staffing

Dr. Masley was chosen as our company Executive Physician. He has had a profound impact on the behavior of our executives. We have all made profound lifestyle changes to improve our overall health – mainly improvements in diet through education as well as improvements in our exercise routines. Each of us have seen results year after year at our annual evaluation.

Barbara Smith, Former Vice President & CFO – Gerdau Ameristeel

Dr. Masley’s Executive Physical Program has been extremely helpful to our company. We initially offered the program as an executive perk, but it quickly became apparent that the program was providing a much larger benefit. Our team took Dr. Masley’s advice to heart – literally – and we began to show improvements in cholesterol and sugar levels, weight and overall fitness. We work everyday in a high stress environment. It’s not only good business to make sure our core team stays healthy, but it’s also the right thing to do.

Michael Cannon, President, KHS&S Contractors

In his book, Ten Years Younger, Dr. Masley shows us how we can take control of the aging process. Follow this simple ten-week plan and you’ll find yourself getting younger, day by day.

Mehmet Oz, MD (Host of the Dr. Oz Show and coauthor of You: The Owner’s Manual)