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Masley Optimal Health Center offers an easy way for individuals to receive an age-appropriate health assessment and lifestyle evaluation–in a single one-day appointment. Here are the descriptions of the services offered in our evaluations.

Breakfast and Lunch
You will receive a complimentary healthy breakfast and/or lunch at Nature’s Table Café.

Comprehensive History and Physical Exam 
Performed by a board-certified physician, this baseline assessment focuses on early detection and prevention of disease

Complete Metabolic Panel
Tests blood sugar, potassium, calcium, protein, liver & kidney function

High Sensitivity Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (HS-TSH)
Determines whether the thyroid gland is working properly

Measures how much iron is stored in your body

Complete Blood Count
Screens for anemia and blood cancers

Fasting Lipid Panel
Includes total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglyceride levels

VELscope Vx, Oral Lesion Screening
Oral lesion identification system that aids in the early detection of abnormalities that can lead to cancer

Tests for diseases of the kidneys, diabetes, bladder infections and some cancers

Clearview Ultra FOBT- Stool Test
A rapid, two-step immunochemical test for the detection of blood

Prostate Specific Antigen
Tests for prostate cancer

Pap Smear
The ThinPrep Pap Test is used to test for cervical cancer

C-Reactive Protein
Marker for inflammation and risk factor for heart disease

Mercury Test
Measures for elevated blood mercury levels, which can impair metabolic, neurological, & mental function

Advanced Lipid Profile
Comprehensive testing that measures your risk of forming plaque in your arteries and helps establish if you are suffering from accelerated aging

Testosterone Levels
Decreasing testosterone levels impact cognitive function, weight gain, exercise drive, cardiac risk, and sexual function. We test both total and free testosterone

Pulmonary Function Test
Tests for asthma, emphysema and lung function

Hearing Screening
Screens for hearing loss

Vision Screening
Screens for decreased vision

Cognitive Testing
Assesses memory, mental speed, attention, and executive function

Strength, Flexibility & Endurance Testing
Measures current level of fitness

Exercise Prescription with Exercise Physiologist
In-depth 1 hour evaluation and consultation with an exercise physiologist, including a customized exercise plan to meet your health and weight-control goals

Nutrition Consultation
In-depth 1 hour consultation that focuses on adding vitality foods to improve your health, increase your energy, and reduce your risk of disease. Includes a 3-day computerized nutrient analysis

Exercise Treadmill Stress Test
Screens for early signs of coronary heart disease and provides information about how the heart responds to exertion

A graphical record of the heart’s rhythm and rate which can identify previously undetected heart attacks, heart blocks and other heart irregularities

VO2 Max Testing

Measures cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance to optimize your exercise prescription

Carotid IMT Ultrasound
Non-invasive ultrasound scan that measures the formation of early (soft) artery plaque. It measures the actual artery age and plaque growth or regression

Dexa Bone Density Scan
Gold standard test for osteoporosis, this scan is performed at your first visit and every two years thereafter to check your bone mineral content and future risk for hip fractures

3D Mammogram
Screening for the early detection of breast cancer using computer-aided detection (CAD) technology, making your evaluation more accurate

Basal Metabolic Rate Assessment
BMR often decreases after age 50, complicating weight control. This measure ensures our nutritional recommendations meet your metabolic needs

Wrap Up Consultation  
Review results from the day’s tests and consultations and establish an action plan customized to meet your health goals

Personal Health and Wellness Final Report
You will receive a comprehensive individualized wellness report detailing test results, goals and action plans