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Dr. Masley’s Optimal Health Center (MOHC) provides a state-of-the-art physical, nutritional, and longevity evaluation. This comprehensive and holistic assessment surpasses the typical disease oriented yearly physical—as we also explore your fitness, physiologic age, mental function, artery plaque growth, nutritional intake, and biochemical needs. With your results in hand, we develop a plan to realistically achieve your unique goals and dreams.

We provide many corporate clients with executive health screenings, executive exams, and executive health assessments. Please see our testimonials below for details; simply stated, most of our participants rate our evaluation as the best physical of their life!


We use advanced medical testing integrated with holistic strategies to optimize physiological function, thus preventing and/or reversing problems before they develop.

We tailor our recommendations not only to your unique physical needs, but to the demands of your schedule as well. We aim to optimize your health for the years to come, no matter how demanding your schedule.

By following our cutting-edge recommendations, you’ll be able to turn back the clock. In fact, the average person following our recommendations has been shown to be Ten Years Younger.

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Steven Masley, MD, FAHA, FAAFP, FACN, CNS, CCD
President, Masley Optimal Health Center

Dr. MasleyOver the past 20 years, Dr. Masley has empowered thousands of patients to lose weight, get fit, improve cognitive function, and tap into unsuspected energy levels. He has won acclaim for reversing type II diabetes and eliminating symptoms of cardiovascular disease, and in 2010 won the prestigious award as "Physician Health Care Hero" by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Dr. Masley is a board certified family medicine physician, a certified nutrition specialist with the American College of Nutrition, an award-winning patient educator, and is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida. He was formerly the Medical Director of the Pritikin Longevity Center and the Carillon Executive Health Program, and works as faculty for programs at Eckerd College & the University of Tampa. Dr. Masley is the author of three books, including his latest, Ten Years Younger. His work has been featured on the Today Show, the Discovery Channel, and with hundreds of media interviews. Read More!

General Dynamic’s Ordnance & Tactical Systems Business Unit  has a formal Wellness Program and a Senior Executive Level health program where we utilize Dr. Masley and his Optimal Health Center, and have for several years. As a result, we have seen our senior executive’s health dramatically improve including the reduction of leading health risks such as, improved cholesterol readings, increased individual exercise, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, smoking cessation and reduction in prescribed medication. Based on the results of our health partnering relationship with Dr. Masley, we are currently reviewing expanding our participants in his program.

Jack Picker, Former VP, Human Resources and Administration, General Dynamics